• Fuji

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    Crunchy and Super SweetEnjoy the full flavor of a Fuji! A crunchy, super-sweet and flavor-forward apple, the Fuji can be enjoyed as an everyday snack as well as in pies, sauces, baking and more.
  • Gala

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    Crisp and Very SweetYou’ll go gaga for Gala! This crisp, aromatically-sweet apple features pink-orange stripes atop a pretty yellow background. Delicious in salads, pies, and sauces, the Gala’s popularity is on the rise around the world.

  • Golden Delicious

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    Crisp and SweetThe Golden Delicious is a perfect pick for any recipe. Sweet and mellow, this crisp apple has a tender golden skin, and its flesh stays white after slicing for longer than other apple varieties. Reach for a Golden Delicious as an all-purpose apple for snacking, salads, baking, freezing, sauces, and more.

  • Granny Smith

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    Crunchy and TartTempt your taste buds with tart Granny Smith apples! Known for its delicious tart flavor and pleasing crunch, the Granny Smith apple’s popularity comes as no surprise. What’s more, it’s a go-to apple variety for snacking and is a favourite of pie bakers. Granny Smiths are great in all kinds of recipes, such as salads, sauces, baking, freezing, and more.

  • Jeromine

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    Red-JuicyThe peel is strong, smooth, slightly oily, yellowgreen, covered with red, without streaks, all over apple. The flesh is soft and juicy, whitegreen, crisp and sweet. The recommended harvest is the end of September. The fruit can be kept between 120 and 160 days. Variety is appreciated, especially for fresh consumption. As compared to other Red Delicious sports, Jeromine is distinguished by its taste.

  • Red Delicious

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    Crunchy and Mildly SweetMeet the world’s favorite snacking apple. The heart-shaped Red Delicious features a bright red and sometimes striped skin. Renowned for its crunchy texture and mildly sweet flavor, this tasty apple shines in cool, crisp salads.